Each book purchased = 10 meals for a child in need

It is our desire to give back by meeting the basic need of providing meals for children throughout the world. That is why every purchase goes toward providing 10 meals to help children globally.


The idea started after Christmas when my five-year-old son asked, “Why are you putting Jesus in a box?” After I explained that we would get the decorations back out next year, he then asked, “Can I keep Jesus in my room?” He placed the Nativity scene on his book case, which is where you will still find it today. Having a symbol of God's love near made my son feel protected and that God was with him. His simple words impacted my heart in a very special way that inspired me to write, Blessed Baby. I wanted to create something for all children that would serve as a symbol of God’s love and presence in their life. After writing the first book, I asked several of my friends and family for feedback. Their encouragement gave me the strength to start this new adventure. God clearly had a plan for me that I had never imagined, yet, I was ready and excited to follow His lead.


Blessed Baby, is a playful story to show babies everywhere how much they are loved. The guardian angels are a symbol of God's unconditional love and how he protects them throughout life. It is the perfect keepsake gift to welcome a little boy or girl into the world!