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Blessed Baby

The perfect gift set to welcome a new baby into the world.

A Special Gift To Cherish Forever

Blessed Baby creates a fun and interactive way for babies to see God's love through the eyes of His guardian angels. The playful story is about a guardian angel sent to watch over and protect each baby.


Author Shannon Clark developed the idea for Angels Above after a conversation with her five-year-old son. After Christmas, he asked, "Why are you putting Jesus in a box?" She explained that it was time to take the decorations down until next year. Her son then asked, "Can I keep Jesus in my room?" The nativity scene quickly became a permanent fixture beside his bed. A few simple words made her realize how this symbol brought him comfort and joy. 

This moment impacted Shannon in a very special way and inspired her to write Blessed Baby. "I wanted to create something for all children to be a reminder of God's love and presence in their life."

This product is truly a work of passion by a "mom on a mission" to show children everywhere how much they are loved, and the difference they can make in the world.

Each book purchased = 10 meals for a child in need

It is our desire to give back by meeting the basic need of providing meals for children throughout the world. That is why every purchase goes toward providing 10 meals to help children globally. 



"What a sweet book! My daughter's face lit up when she realized this was hers to keep. She named her angel Blue LuLu.  "You did an amazing job. I can't wait for the next book!"


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